Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eureka Race Mix (Medford) Order Time

Hi, all,

If you are interested in ordering frozen meat from Medford Fur Foods in Wisconsin, now is the time - in the next couple of days they will be done taking orders for the fall shipment.

You can call Tony at 715-748-2255 to place your order.

It will arrive sometime in the next few weeks at Traverse Cold Storage in Traverse City, MI., Cass Rd. You will need to set up an account with them. They charge $12.50 a month per pallet. They also charge a one time fee per order (not pallet) of $12.50. They have a website too. I'll post their phone number later.

Eureka Race Mix (chicken, turkey, beef, egg, oils, vit./min. etc.) is still going for 35 cents a pound in 50# blocks. There's also a Eureka High Protein Race Mix (more beef) for 42.5 cents a pound in 50# blocks. Transportation costs are added to these figures - Tony calls you with the final amount once all of the orders are received and the truck is commissioned. They also sell all other kinds of frozen meat products. The Eureka mixes are fully balanced diets by themselves.

There will not be another shipment until April or May 2010.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photos from Gorge Rehab or "Trench Filling 101"

I think these two comparison photos show what we were trying to accomplish better than any others that we took. We filled in the entire area under the pole that laid on the bank of the trench on either side - in the after shot, with just the quad parked there, the trench is completely filled in with logs and sand - level with the forest floor again. I took the after photo from a different angle as the sun was directly at the lens otherwise. The quad is parked on top of where the pole had been the day before.

What's under the sand? Here's a couple of photos showing the dead red pine logs that we hauled out of the woods and placed in the trench, then the skid steer placing sand over the top of them.

Here is a before shot as the trench was being filled with debris and an after shot of the same mid section trench with sand, shredded wood and top soil all in place.

Here is a shot of the piles of sand, mulch and topsoil at the west end of the project:

Here's a photo of one of the neat landmarks along this trail, before we filled in the area next to it:

Couldn't resist this photo of Foxy, our nine year old Border mutt, mother of our 8 Quarter Borders:

Many thank yous to give out - many people worked very hard on this project. Ed Setterington gets extra "attaboys" for staying over Monday, Tuesday and Weds. to work on the west end of the gorge. We had over a dozen workers on Saturday, including Kathy Bietau from the Forest Service, who also got us the DNR grant to do this work. We had 9 people on Sunday, working until 3 p.m. Per usual, anyone who wanted to, brought dogs and got in a couple of runs with their teams too. Our nephew Scott came over for two days of abuse, Monday and Tuesday.

We still need to seed the whole area, lay down straw and put in posts at the road to keep ORVs out but as of the end of today, the majority of the work is DONE. We have permission to open up this stretch of trail for winter use by sled dog teams. Rick has a nifty plan for a swinging gate as part of the post closure. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PITCHED IN WITH THIS CRAZY PROJECT!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Annual MiDD Meeting and Work Weekend - 9/12

Just a brief note to remind everyone that our Annual Meeting is this Saturday at noon. This will be a lunch meeting. MiDD will be providing sloppy joes (turkey or beef, your choice) and a side dish, dessert, coffee/pop for lunch.

We will be working on the trail repair project beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, break for the lunch meeting, then back on the trail project. We will be placing "woody debris" in the "gorge", filling it with sand, wood chips, top soil - leveling all that out and then seeding the trail repair with perennial rye grass seed. We have a rented skid steer to move materials around where we need them.

Shovels, rakes, gloves will all be useful. We will be working on this project starting Saturday and on into next week too. Free camping for all volunteers. Bring the dogs and get in a run early or late on our private trails.

This project is being funded by a grant MiDD received via the USDA/Forest Service with funding from the DNR.

For last minute info, please call me at 231-745-3614.