Friday, January 27, 2012

Update - Friday, Jan. 27th - noon

From 9 and 10 News – noon

Friday night:” …while the Northern L.P. and Central L.P. could see 1"- 3". Overnight lows will be in the 20s with a few isolated 30s.

Saturday will start with a few snow showers that could be heavy at times at daybreak. Light snow and mostly cloudy skies will hang around throughout the day with highs in the upper 20s and mid 30s. “

We got just enough precipitation overnight and now the sun, to ice up our driveway and the kennel. Rick is sanding the driveway from 32nd St. into the staging area right now. 32nd St. has been sanded this week already.

Yak Trax will be in order for getting between the camping/parking area and the lodge - that area is out in the open between the two. Just got in from marking the trails - it still looks good. The two stretches of seasonal roads (2 miles?) are icy in the tire tracks in a few places - we put in a fresh snomo trail on the far right side this morning so that should work out well. A couple of inches of snow will make it just right, otherwise I'm guessing the trails will be hard and fast. Rick is planning on running the trails with the groomer tomorrow morning well before the start at 11 a .m.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweetwater Challenge #1 is a GO!

Here's a photo of Stearns at Wingleton (Stearns is a seasonal road.)
Shows the amount of snow we had yesterday (01-25-12) at noon.

Conditions are looking good for Saturday. Expecting more snow Friday night into Saturday a.m. Rick has been grooming trails today - says conditions are good!

I hear that there's no snow east of Clare and ice in Grand Rapids - we have SNOWY trails here in Baldwin!

Late entries taken up to the drivers meeting at 9 a .m. on Saturday.

Monday, January 2, 2012