Monday, January 24, 2011

First Sweetwater Challenge of 2011 A Chilling Success

We had a fun weekend with really cold temps - Saturday night was below zero. Saturday featured wind and blowing snow coming out of the trees. It was like being in your own private snow globe. Sunday was crisp and cold all day with lots of sunshine. The trails were awesome, hookable even. Everyone had good weather for driving home - those with Sirius radio in their trucks were entertained by football on their drives home. Go Packers!

No photos this time. I lost my camera on the trail on Sunday, DRAT! I know I got some nice photos of the teams starting on Sunday. It's snowing heavily right now so the chances of seeing it again before spring are nil. Rick and the Totten boys looked for it yesterday, everywhere, on two different snowmobile runs.

I am happy with how my dogs ran this weekend - they were so flat the weekend before. The cold really makes a difference in their ability to "go the distance." I also changed my pre-run watering program (lesser amount) and stopped snacking them at the 1/2 way point. We might make the Copper Dog 35 yet!

Monday, January 17, 2011

An update for the weekend, Sweetwater Challenge #1

I thought a couple of photos will speak more to the trail conditions, than my words.

The two photos below are from Sunday, the 16th, Patty and I taking a break at the turnaround point to the far west.

It was not reliably hookable but it's getting there - it's snowing right now with a couple more inches due overnight. More snow coming on Thursday and Friday too. It should be a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weather Forecast for Weekend/Early Next Week

From 9 and 10 News:

"Saturday a system moves in from the West that will bring snow showers to Northern Michigan. Some of these snow showers could be heavy at times reducing visibilities and creating slick roads. Winds will also be gusty out of the West/Northwest at 10-20mph. Highs Saturday will be in the low 20s to low 30s. Sunday will bring lake effect snow showers with a few bands that could be heavy at times. For the most part Sunday will be a brief break from systems as another low pressure system will be moving in Monday afternoon and Tuesday bringing another shot of snow to Northern Michigan. Highs will remain in the 20s for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday."

Good news as we need more snow on the trails. We need "system" snow - all we have gotten is lake effect fluff that looks great but doesn't pack down to much. At least it is staying cold this week and next so we aren't losing anything.

Pretty sad when the Tahquamenon Race can't hold their event in January this year - unheard of. In 12 years of the event, they have postponed once, never cancelled. They are looking at Feb. 12th as an alternate date - let them know via their website email if you might be interested.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baldwin Snow Conditions

The single digit temps and today's sunshine are setting up the trails nicely. We got about a foot of snow in the past 6 days - powder but we've been packing it and it is finally setting up.

The photos below are from the east loop - glorious sunny day to take a run with the dogs. Tomorrow is "A" team day - more mileage, more dogs.

Happy trails, wherever you are!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

8" of snow so far...more in the forecast.

What a difference two days make!

We have 8" of snow since yesterday - heading out after work to begin packing it into a trail.

You can find the Northwoods Cam Network on - once you open the NCN - click on either Irons or Baldwin (Wolf Lake) to see the "proof."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yucky New Year

A quick note to confirm that yes, the trails are trashed from the rain and warm temperatures on Thursday and Friday. Patty and I got in some good mileage on Thursday in the mist and fog.

We are forecast to get a little snow every day for the next week but no big accumulations. We'll have to wait and see what the second week of January has in store for us.